Monday, March 08, 2010

bian & ebook

yep...berbagi itu menyenangkan...

kali ini berbagi kisah dengan dunia, tentang kelahiran si brindil-kriwil2..bian.
disadur dari posting awal-awal blog ini..


silahkan mampir dan berbelanja di sini

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

bian enjoy her days in bali...

when she was 1.8 year, I took her to Lake Toba, and she was quite afraid of the wave of the water.

then, last dec, we went to bali, we found the fear was gone!

cool, nduk!

the big lesson during the travel is 'the taste of sea water is salty'

wanna see the video of her confession... just open this link

we went to bali by bus..., and bian reaaaalllyyyyy enjoyed the trip!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


....6 hours before christmas-celebration for kids....

lil-B shaved her eyebrows!!!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

celebrating Christmas means. . . . .

yeah...Christmas is coming.. hear the bells are ringing...

could you hear those bell...

ow-ow-ow... cant u see all the practicing... dancing or liturgy..

may be the team meeting...

HOHO...HOHOHO...Santa clause is getting closer..

mommy will buy a new dress, if you join many parts on celebration, maybe she will buy more then one...

HOW bout BIAN..?

she's joining dancing....spelling 1 Moses 1:1 as her liturgy..
and also joining the kids choir...they'll sing 3 songs..


as a mommy, the consequences are..
patient and passion to teach lil B her liturgy, her songs, the move of her dancing, find the song of the dancing...

and also
preparing the best dress for her, of course.

who will not proud if they have a 3.5 years old lil girl who can dance, spell liturgy, sing the coir's songs...

for me...its amazing...
according to what happened during her birth...she's so-so amazing.
I'm thankful for everything she has now.
I see the grace of the Lord upon being her mother.

here her photographs during this year..

enjoying your time in preparing CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION
may the JOY will spared all over the world.

Monday, August 31, 2009

merah VS hijau

tau nyanyian balon-ku?

balonku ada-5, hijau-kuning-kelabu-merahmuda-dan-biru...
meletus balon hijau DARRRR....
hatiku sangat kacau, dst...

nah klo versinya bian, yang meletus adalah balon MERAH..

KOK merah, B?

iya...aku kan suka warna HIJAU, jadi yang merah aja yang meletus...


duh..gambar-e kok melas banget...tapi pas e jumlah n warma blaonnya..
wis, ndak papa-lah....
dicopy dari sini

Saturday, July 25, 2009

my songs

lil-B is 'too' good in listening then remembering any songs. and like we all know, its hard to find toddler & kids' songs now in indonesia. she learn toddle & kid's song from her preschool in english, from VCD/DVD Barney and friends. so its easy for her to sing an 'hot' adult song, nowday...

she sings
'head-shoulder-mie-and-toes, mie and toes'

no shoud be 'head-shoulders-knees and toes'

no mama, mie and toes...mie and toes, gitu....

mie is noodles, like mie ceker or mie ayam, knee is lutut... mie and knee are so-so different..

TIDAk mama, NO...its mie...not knee..

OK-OK..try another song....

she sings
'pernah kah kau merasa....hatimu kosong..' she dance like the dancer in the video clip.

stop..stop..., lets try another..

she sings
'tak gendong kemana-mana...tak gendong kemana-mana...enak to...'

then her father says, 'bian, dont you have any toddler's song?'

'YES I DO have a toddler song, hear my song...
Ce Aminor Deminor ke Ge ke Ce'


moral of the stoty is its really hard to find a ear-catching toddler song now.... she only has Tasya's VCD